Autenticità e Alterità

Il ruolo dell'esemplarità nella trasformazione morale di sé


  • Roberta Guccinelli Max-Scheler-Gesellschaft


Parole chiave:

authenticity, individual destination, effective exemplarity, Scheler, values


The terms “destiny” and “fate” are often used interchangeably in common parlance. In the course of history, in its relation to morality and religion, fate has sometimes prevailed over destiny as an irrational law or necessity capable of determining the course of events according to an inscrutable order. Scheler—whose philosophy inspired this contribution on authenticity as a fundamental quality of one’s identity—excludes all possible forms of fatalism. In this regard, he phenomenologically distinguishes “destiny” from “individual destination” or “vocation” (individuelle Bestimmung). On his view, it is only by identifying the first with the second, or rather by identifying a set of personal data, traditions, characters, and environments with the specific task that each of us has been called on to carry out in the moral cosmos, that fatalism can arise—where fatalism is linked to the necessity of the world and the absolute impossibility of carving out spheres of human freedom within it. This paper deals precisely with the link between the phenomenon of authenticity and the concept of a person’s vocation. How can we “be” or “become” our authentic selves if we do not know ourselves? If we do not feel what we really love or prefer? If we never feel the breath of freedom? This paper focuses on the role that otherness, understood as effective exemplarity, plays in the formation and moral growth of essential individuality. I will argue, from a Schelerian perspective, that the discovery of the “true” or “ideal” self and the exercise of freedom—as presuppositions of all authentic behavior—do not exclude but rather require the ability to establish meaningful interpersonal relationships. The aim of this work is to offer an axiological, dynamic-relational and embodied model of authenticity.


Keywords: authenticity, individual destination, effective exemplarity, Scheler, values





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Guccinelli, R. (2022). Autenticità e Alterità : Il ruolo dell’esemplarità nella trasformazione morale di sé. DYNAMIS. Rivista Di Filosofia E Pratiche Educative, 1(1), 21–33. (Original work published 4 marzo 2022)