Life and politics with emotions.

An approach


  • Alejandro Alba Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Parole chiave:

emotions, affects, politics, rationality, citizenship


The idea of ​​emotions and affects in politics has been rejected by a significant majority of philosophers and social researchers instead, an instrumental and formal perspective prevails. Emotions and affects are considered as resources to incite actions of change within a regime or as forces that can ruin institutions. Emotions are produced in risky situations or stimulated by desires, they are expressions of a state of security and basic balance that, when entering a social dimension, needs to be formalized. Emotions are considered triggers of actions linked to natural satisfaction, therefore, when passing to the processes of social coexistence, and particularly those of political action, they become considerably dangerous, and the authors tend to suppress them. Here we argue that it is difficult to omit or deny the presence of emotions in political action processes, they are present from the beginning to the end of the political process, therefore, the study of political phenomena needs to consider the role and impact of emotions in our political life. To achieve our objective, we are first going to define the causes that make the introduction of emotions in politics problematic; Later, we will review the emotional and affective approaches that revalue the emotional component; Finally; We will review some ideas that allow us to understand the conjunction between emotion and reason in public life.




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Alba, A. (2022). Life and politics with emotions. : An approach. DYNAMIS. Rivista Di Filosofia E Pratiche Educative, 2(2), 79–87.