Il meraviglioso. Genesi di un concetto e dinamiche educative


  • Elisa Grimi Hildebrand Project


Parole chiave:

Hildebrand, Phenomenological Realism, World, Experience of the Wonderfulness, Philosophy of Education


This essay is intended to be a phenomenological analysis on the topic of the experience of the wonderfulness. I will initially examine the concept of the “wonder” by developing a brief history of the concept. Then, on the basis of the two texts translation by Anders Schinkel and Mario Di Paoloantonio, offered here for the first time in Italian, I will elaborate a reflection around the concept of the wonder without excluding the ultimate component of contemplation. Finally I will investigate about the experience of the wonderfulness in education, the role of the teacher and the attitude of the student. I will show that the discovery of the wonder is essential in the education and for the flourishing of each student.





Come citare

Grimi, E. (2022). Il meraviglioso. Genesi di un concetto e dinamiche educative. DYNAMIS. Rivista Di Filosofia E Pratiche Educative, 3(3), 49–57.